New Serialized Reszoverse Novel: Klaxon Overdrive Supernova

Updated: May 4

I wrote this novel a while ago and recently pulled it out and rewrote it. It's set in the Reszoverse but more than a decade before the events of Lost Time. The world is in rough shape, still reeling from the ravages of climate change and years of inequality, resulting in massive societal upheaval.

Dodge is a man in freefall, a nervous disaster waiting to implode, and only able to function thanks to the powerful anti-anxiety meds he downs by the handful. He's got the chance to edit the debilitating traumas out of his malfunctioning brain, but it'll cost him, and the only way he'll ever afford it is running a risky, all-or-nothing heist. He's about to steal the DNA of the most popular man on the planet and trade it for a mental readjustment proceedure. All he has to do is keep from collapsing into a panic attack and his life will be changed forever, but in Dodge's world, nothing ever comes easy.

I'll be releasing it in installments over the next few weeks, then offer it up to everone on my mailing list for free before I put it up for sale.

If you're not on my mailing list yet, now's a good time to hop on board. I'll send you a few other Reszoverse short stories and you can even get yourself a bonus Boundless after credits scene.