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Klaxon Overdrive Supernova Title
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Enter the Reszoverse

Discover a near-future world of hackable brains and super-human bodies—where life is cheap, and memory all that matters.


The Boundless series is a new wave blast through time and space, Star Wars and the Avengers and Back to the Future all rolled up in one and set to an 80's soundtrack. If you're into timeline-hopping, space opera, comic book movie fun, then you'll absolutely love this.

Books 1 - 5 available now


Lost Time is a hard-edged cyberpunk noir series in the spirit of Phillip K. Dick, Neal Stephenson, and William Gibson. If you love your sci-fi relentless and armed with twists, this is what you've been looking for.

Books 1 - 5 available now


I’m a geek from way back, and I can prove it. I saw Star Wars in the theatre when I was two. My Dad's friends used to call me for Leisure Suit Larry hints. And I went to see Mario Brothers instead of attending my prom.

All I've ever wanted to do was tell stories. My first was a Moonlighting fan fiction in grade 6. Though I didn’t know it was fan fiction at the time. Back then I was just ripping off a TV show.

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Hi, I'm Damien.

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